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Tips to Buying a Home in 2023 

Buying your first home or even your third home can be an exciting time– however, for every moment filled with excitement about your future spent under your new roof, there will without a doubt be moments filled with stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. 

At Stutsman Realty Inc. we’ve rented and sold homes to clients in Minneapolis and St. Paul communities for over 25 years. Throughout that time we learned the best pieces of advice to give our future clients when searching for a new home for sale or an...

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Phase 2 of Uptown’s Arts and Rec Center – Now Open

With the continued efforts in remodeling Uptown, Minneapolis’ downtown area, Arts + Rec Uptown, the local art and recreation center in the city, celebrates its messaging of making “better fun.” 

Having completed its first phase this past summer with the opening of a rooftop bar, the local entertainment venue now prepares to open its second phase of new artistic endeavors with family-fun activities and a new restaurant, offering even more ways to continue to celebrate local artisans and creatives in the beautiful and historic Uptown community. 

Let’s explor...

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7 Ways to Keep Your Uptown Apartment Warm This Winter

Renting an apartment in Uptown Minneapolis puts you in close proximity to outdoor recreation, fantastic local restaurants and shopping, plus theaters, live music, and museums. But one thing is certain about Minneapolis – winters are brutal. You want to stay warm and comfortable through the long, cold months, but you don’t want to see a huge increase in your utility bills. To help you with this goal, we’re sharing seven simple ways to keep your apartment warm during the winter and your utility bills low.

Purchase a Humidifier

Minneapolis winters are v...

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Learn What’s Coming to Uptown, MN with the Planned Redevelopment of Seven Points

If you are thinking about relocating to Uptown, Minneapolis there’s truly no better time than now! Seven Points, formally known as Calhoun Square, is on the cusp of experiencing a renaissance with the recent approval of redevelopment projects. From new storefronts, office spaces, dining opportunities, and cultural experiences, Seven Points is about to experience a boom of excitement the area hasn’t seen in decades. 

What Does Uptown, MN Have to Offer?

We imagine that no matter where in...

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Tips for Living Large in a Smaller Space

Just because your apartment is limited in square footage doesn’t mean it needs to be limited in style. Even small spaces can be spruced up with creative approaches to make your home feel large. Whether it’s shopping for smart, multi-functional furniture pieces or learning some organizational life hacks, your smaller living space is fully capable of becoming larger than life with just a few design tricks. 

How Can You Maximize The Use of Your Smaller Space? 

Oftentimes, older, urban apartments have tons of history to them– the resul...

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15 Reasons to Relocate to Minneapolis

We’ve always known that Minneapolis is a great place to live! It’s a city that is perfect for young professionals, new college graduates, and retirees alike. It offers reasonable rent prices and a great atmosphere for enjoying life both indoors and outdoors. Recently, we found accolade upon accolade about Minneapolis that we wanted to share with our website visitors to back up our claim that the city is a top-rated place to move to! 

Reason #1: Minneapolis is the #1 city in the nation where renters can afford to live alone

Rent prices are increasing in many c...

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Things to Do in Uptown, Minneapolis – Fall 2022

If you’re renting an apartment in Uptown Minneapolis, and you’re wondering what to do with your free time now that summer is on the way out, don’t worry. Just because cooler weather is on the way, there is still plenty to do in and around the neighborhood. To help you plan your free time, we’re sharing some of the big events and favorite fall activities around Uptown.

Events in Uptown for Fall 2022

Uptown is chocked full of fun happenings this time of year. Everything from concerts to st...

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What to Expect During a Home Inspection

Once you put in an offer on a house, and it’s accepted, the next step is scheduling a home inspection. While it’s an important step, most first-time homebuyers don’t know what the inspection actually entails or what it means for your offer. To provide you with the clarity you need and to help you feel more secure in the buying process, our real estate brokers in Minneapolis are sharing exactly what you can expect during your home inspection and the steps you can take after you get a report.

What Is a Home Inspec...

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7 Apartment Makeover Ideas You Can Do on a Budget

Even when you find an apartment you love — it’s in the right neighborhood, has ample light, fits your budget — it may still not feel like home. You want to add your own personality and design to your space, but because you rent, you don’t want to do anything that’s either a) permanent or b) expensive. To help you transform your current apartment or give you ideas for when you’re moving to your next place, we’re sharing 7 apartment makeover ideas you can do on a budget.

Tips for a Successful Apartment Makeover

Before you implement any ...

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7 Ways to Improve Your Offer on a House in a Seller’s Market

If you’re looking for a home for sale in Minneapolis, you probably already know there’s a shortage of single-family houses available. Houses are on the market for less time and sellers are receiving multiple offers. So, if you’re a first-time homebuyer, is it possible to have an offer accepted on a house? Absolutely! To help you, our real estate broker in Minneapolis is sharing seven ways to improve your offer on a house so that it’s more likely to be accepted.

Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage Before Searchi...

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