7 Ways to Keep Your Uptown Apartment Warm This Winter

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Renting an apartment in Uptown Minneapolis puts you in close proximity to outdoor recreation, fantastic local restaurants and shopping, plus theaters, live music, and museums. But one thing is certain about Minneapolis – winters are brutal. You want to stay warm and comfortable through the long, cold months, but you don’t want to see a huge increase in your utility bills. To help you with this goal, we’re sharing seven simple ways to keep your apartment warm during the winter and your utility bills low.

Purchase a Humidifier

Minneapolis winters are v...

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How to Choose the Right Neighborhood to Rent an Apartment

When it comes to renting an apartment, most people think about the space itself – how many bedrooms, is it pet friendly, is there a laundry? While these factors are certainly important, you first want to narrow down where you want to live so you can start your search. To help you find the perfect spot, we’re looking at how to choose the right neighborhood to rent an apartment.

Choosing a Neighborhood: Renting Vs. Buying

First, choosing a neighborhood when you’re renting is much easier than when you’re buying a home. While some tenants stay for...

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4 Ways to Create a Cozy Apartment for Fall

Pumpkin spice is back, there’s a cool breeze in the air, and the sunlight feels a bit more golden than glaring. Yes, fall is here at last, and you are ready to embrace the season and bring the fall vibes indoors. This may seem challenging, especially if you’re renting an apartment, but it’s easier than you think with these four simple, affordable tips to creating a cozy apartment for autumn.

Bring Nature Indoors

While you may think that flowers and greenery are for spring and summer, there’s plenty of natural beauty available in the fall.

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5 Signs You’re Ready to Buy a Home

Buying a home is one of the biggest steps you’ll take in life, and you want to make sure it’s a positive experience. Taking on a mortgage and home repairs are fine when you’re ready and know what to expect, but how do you know if now is the best time or if you should keep renting? Our real estate agency in Minneapolis is sharing six signs you’re ready to buy a home (and three signs you’re not).

Five Signs You’re Ready to Buy a Home

If you can say “Yes!” to these five guidelines, you’re most likely ready or on the ...

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Things to Do in Uptown, Minneapolis – Fall 2021

If you’re renting an apartment in Uptown Minneapolis, and you’re wondering what to do with your free time now that summer is on the way out, don’t worry. Just because cooler weather is on the way, there is still plenty to do in and around the neighborhood. To help you plan your free time, we’re sharing some of the big events and favorite fall activities around Uptown.

Events in Uptown for Fall 2021

From shows and concerts to street fairs and festivals, make sure you mark your calendar fo...

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How to Improve Personal Safety in Uptown Minneapolis

Renting an apartment in Uptown Minneapolis means you are within walking distance from incredible restaurants, shopping, and all the outdoor activities at Lake Harriet and Bde Maka Ska, but whether you’re going out for a jog or meeting friends for brunch, it can be easy to leave yourself vulnerable to safety risks. While you certainly don’t want to be fearful to get out and live your life, it’s important to take precautions, which is why we are sharing simple things you can do to improve your personal safety whether you’re out and about or at home. 

Staying Safe Whil...

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9 Ways to Lower Utilities when Renting an Uptown Apartment

One of the benefits of renting an apartment is having lower utility bills than if you live in a single-family home. The smaller, more efficient layouts and shared walls work together to minimize electricity and gas usage. However, if you want to save even more money and make  eco-friendly choices, we’re sharing nine simple things you can do to lower your utilities in your apartment.

Two Ways to Reduce Your Water Bill

Most experts say that to lower your water bill, you ne...

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Ending Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse is a serious issue that is much more widespread than most people realize.  Everyone deserves to be in safe relationships.  Our apartment rental company is sharing information about domestic violence, including what it is and who it affects, as well as how you can get the help you need to leave an abusive situation.  We are located in Minneapolis, MN, and some of the following information is specific to this location, however, there is help available to you in most communities, including your medical providers or the National Domestic Violence Ho...

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Why Renting an Apartment in Uptown Can Help You Buy Your Dream Home

You know you want to buy a home sooner rather than later, but you’re not quite ready. Maybe you’re still saving up a down payment, you’re not sure where you want to live, or you don’t know exactly what you want in a home. Rather than rushing into buying a home and ending up with buyer’s remorse, we’re sharing why renting an apartment in Uptown will better prepare you to buy your dream home.

Renting Allows You to Save Up More Money

One of the biggest benefits of renting is that it’s often less expensive than purchasing a home, especially when you factor i...

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The Top Rooftop Dining Spots in Uptown, MN

With more people being vaccinated and local businesses opening up more, you’re probably more than ready to start going out to eat again or grabbing drinks with friends. If you’re still a bit hesitant, outdoor dining is a safer option than dining indoors – but why dine out on the patio when you can take in the gorgeous views from the roof? With numerous options to choose from, we’re sharing the top rooftop dining spots in Uptown, Minneapolis. 

Sip Sake at Moto-i

Located at the corner of Lake and Lyndale, moto-i is a modern Japanese restaurant, speciali...

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