7 Ways to Keep Your Uptown Apartment Warm This Winter

Renting an apartment in Uptown Minneapolis puts you in close proximity to outdoor recreation, fantastic local restaurants and shopping, plus theaters, live music, and museums. But one thing is certain about Minneapolis – winters are brutal. You want to stay warm and comfortable through the long, cold months, but you don’t want to see a huge increase in your utility bills. To help you with this goal, we’re sharing seven simple ways to keep your apartment warm during the winter and your utility bills low.

Purchase a Humidifier

Minneapolis winters are very cold and dry, and when you turn on the heat, the air gets even drier. Adding moisture to the air holds more heat, making your home warmer without having to turn up the thermostat. Purchase a small humidifier or even keep water boiling on the stove (when you’re home, of course) to put moisture into the air, making it feel much more comfortable.

Take up Baking to Warm Your Apartment

Instead of using a slow cooker, microwave, or Instant Pot for dinner, turn on your oven instead. Not only are filling casseroles a delight on cold winter nights but when dinner is ready, turn the oven off and keep the door of the oven cracked slightly. The heat from the oven will fill the spaces and increase the temperature without having to turn up the temperature in your home.

Reflect Your Radiator

If your apartment relies on a radiator for heat, you are most likely losing a great deal of heat that seeps into the wall behind the unit, especially if the radiator is placed against an outside wall. Fortunately, you can redirect the heat back into your apartment with a reflector panel. Simply wrap a piece of cardboard in aluminum foil and place it behind the radiator. The heat will be reflected off the aluminum and radiate into the room, improving your radiator’s efficiency.

Use Area Rugs

Hardwood and tile floors are lovely and low maintenance, but they allow cold air to seep upwards. This makes the floors cold, but it also makes the air temperature cooler, too. Adding soft area rugs will provide an extra layer of insulation, keeping cold air trapped underneath, making the space warmer, and keeping your feet warm, too!

Winterproof Your Windows

Windows are a common source of drafts and heat loss in an apartment, so it’s important to make sure they’re winterproof. Reach out to your landlord if the window is broken or in poor condition, but for small gaps, you can add a small amount of silicone caulk to stop air from entering. For a more comprehensive approach, consider using a combination of window kits that cover the entire window in transparent plastic along with heavy curtains. This will block the drafts and stop the thermal transfer of warm air seeping out through the glass.

Check Your Furniture Placement

If a room seems particularly chilly, make sure your furniture isn’t blocking any vents or is too close to a radiator. Heavy, wooden pieces, like a bookshelf, will block airflow while upholstered furniture will absorb the heat, preventing warmed air from flowing through your apartment. Make sure there are several inches of space between the heat source and any furniture to provide proper circulation throughout your apartment.

Rent an Apartment in the Middle of the Building

While the above tips can be used for an apartment you already live in, if you are looking for an apartment to rent, you’ll want to be strategic in your search. For the warmest spot, look at apartments that are between two floors as this adds an insulating effect. Some heated air from the floor below will rise and help keep your floors warm, and while you may lose a little heat to the floor above yours, it will be significantly less than if you live on the top floor where heated air can escape more easily.

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