7 Apartment Makeover Ideas You Can Do on a Budget

Even when you find an apartment you love — it’s in the right neighborhood, has ample light, fits your budget — it may still not feel like home. You want to add your own personality and design to your space, but because you rent, you don’t want to do anything that’s either a) permanent or b) expensive. To help you transform your current apartment or give you ideas for when you’re moving to your next place, we’re sharing 7 apartment makeover ideas you can do on a budget.

Tips for a Successful Apartment Makeover

Before you implement any of the ideas below or any apartment updates, keep these tips in mind.

  • Check your lease to know what is allowed and what isn’t. Some landlords and property management companies have very clear guidelines in place related to whether you can paint, drill holes, add shelving, or make other updates.
  • When in doubt, ask directly. If you don’t see it in the lease, send an email or give them a call.
  • Make updates you can take with you or reuse in a future home.
  • Keep anything you remove, such as a light fixture or a faucet so you can swap it back before you move.
  • Check out thrift stores, swap or “buy nothing” groups on social media, or garage sales to find items you can repurpose or update instead of buying new.

7 Ideas for Your Apartment Makeover

With a budget in place, a clear set of guidelines for what you can and can’t do, and a blank canvas ahead of you, use these ideas to show your personality and style in your home.

Removable Wallpaper

Unlike the heavily glued wallpaper of the past that requires hours of chemicals, scoring, and scraping, there’s now wallpaper that is easy to apply and remove. Best of all, there are hundreds of amazing patterns and colors available. Whether you want to re-do an entire room or save money and create an attractive accent wall, this can transform a bathroom, living room, or bedroom in an afternoon! Check Amazon for affordable options and Spoonflower for a more customized look.

Create a Marble Backsplash

While peel-and-stick tile backsplashes sound like a great idea for an apartment, they are actually very difficult to remove. Often, they end up pulling a bit of the drywall off with the sheet, so unless you feel like patching and painting, we’d recommend skipping the peel-and-stick.

However, you can use high-gloss contact paper in a marble print to easily create the look of a sophisticated stone backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom. Best of all, it can be done for less than $20!

Change the Overhead Light Covers

While you don’t want to change out light fixtures, if your apartment has the standard silver and glass round globes around the bulbs, you can swap those out in just a few minutes. Vintage cut glass, modern metal and glass, or wooden, lantern-style options are all available, or you can check out Pinterest for some DIY options. It may seem like a small update, but these little updates can make a big impact on your home.

Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can instantly bring personality into your room and is easier to do than you think! Get frames from Ikea or paint frames you find at a thrift store and pair them with free printable artwork at sites like Artifact Uprising. Print them in the right sizes from Office Depot, Kinko’s or a similar commercial printing location, pop them in the frames, and hang them, all in one afternoon!

Update Your Seating Area

Even if your walls and floors are neutral, your furniture doesn’t have to be. Use slipcovers to elevate the look of your couch or chairs, whether you want to create a sleek look or a fun pop of color. Then, pair patterned throw pillows or a throw blanket to coordinate.

Paint Your Furniture

Even if you can’t paint your walls, you can breathe new life into your bookshelves, dresser, or table or upgrade vintage pieces you find at a secondhand store. If you don’t want to sand and prime, chalk paint is perfect for beginners, comes in a variety of colors, and looks fantastic (just finish it with a simple top coat). We like Valspar’s Chalky Finish Paint with the coordinating sealing wax.

Install Floating Shelves

Save space while showing off your favorite plants, pictures, and knick-knacks with floating shelves. These are available from Amazon, Ikea, and home improvement stores, and they’re generally affordable and easy to install with a cordless drill. For a more custom look, be sure to paint them or cover them in patterned contact paper.

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