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Why You Need to Move to Uptown, MN

We often hear the words “vibrant,” “historic, “diverse,” and “charming” used when people discuss the appeal of what is currently happening in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. A city that embraces artistic expression and focuses on the importance of community and culture, Uptown solidifies its place on the map of great neighborhoods to move to in Minneapolis, MN.

The Historic City of Uptown, MN

What started as a combination of a commerci...

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Tips for Living Large in a Smaller Space

Just because your apartment is limited in square footage doesn’t mean it needs to be limited in style. Even small spaces can be spruced up with creative approaches to make your home feel large. Whether it’s shopping for smart, multi-functional furniture pieces or learning some organizational life hacks, your smaller living space is fully capable of becoming larger than life with just a few design tricks. 

How Can You Maximize The Use of Your Smaller Space? 

Oftentimes, older, urban apartments have tons of his...

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15 Reasons to Relocate to Minneapolis

We’ve always known that Minneapolis is a great place to live! It’s a city that is perfect for young professionals, new college graduates, and retirees alike. It offers reasonable rent prices and a great atmosphere for enjoying life both indoors and outdoors. Recently, we found accolade upon accolade about Minneapolis that we wanted to share with our website visitors to back up our claim that the city is a top-rated place to move to! 

Reason #1: Minneapolis is the #1 city in the nation where renters can afford to live alone

Rent prices...

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7 Apartment Makeover Ideas You Can Do on a Budget

Even when you find an apartment you love — it’s in the right neighborhood, has ample light, fits your budget — it may still not feel like home. You want to add your own personality and design to your space, but because you rent, you don’t want to do anything that’s either a) permanent or b) expensive. To help you transform your current apartment or give you ideas for when you’re moving to your next place, we’re sharing 7 apartment makeover ideas you can do on a budget.

Tips for a Successful Apartment Makeover


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9 Ways to Maximize Closet Space in Your Apartment

Tired of digging around through an overflowing, unorganized closet trying to find a certain pair of dress shoes? Having a small closet can be frustrating, but storage and organizational solutions have come a long way. To help you maximize closet space in your apartment, we’re sharing nine simple tips that don’t require a lot of work.

Take As Much Out of the Closet As You Can

First, you need to make room for what you actually need and use so it’s important to pare down what’s in the closet.

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10 Tips to Keep Your Apartment Cool This Summer

While Minneapolis is typically known for very long, very cold winters, it gets hot here in the summer, too with temperatures well into the 80s and even 90s. We know you want to keep your apartment comfortable and your electric bill low, and that can be difficult, especially if you live higher floor. To help you, we’re sharing 10 simple, effective ways to keep your apartment cool this summer.

Blocking Heat Around Your Windows

Your windows are a primary source of allowing heat to enter your home, especially if your windows are older or ha...

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8 Ways to Keep Your Cat Happy in an Apartment

If you live in an apartment, a cat can make a perfect companion. They’re fairly low maintenance and lower energy, especially once they’re adults. However, they need more than the bare minimum to be happy, so if you want to avoid having your furniture scratched up or cleaning up messes due to litter box aversion, we’re sharing 8 ways to keep your cat happy in an apartment.

Creating a Cat-Friendly Environment

You want a cozy place to live where you can feel 100 percent comfortable, right? So does your cat! Fortunately, with ...

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8 Best Houseplants for Apartments

Whether you want to add pops of color, bring more personality into your home, or even cleanse the air quality, house plants are a great option. However, when you’re living in an apartment, indoor gardening can be a bit of a challenge due to space, low light, or lack of gardening knowledge. To help you find the right plants for your Uptown, MN apartment, we’re sharing the 8 best houseplants for apartments, divided into groups to improve your chance of success.

Best Houseplants for Apartments with Minimal Light

If you have an apartm...

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5 Ways to Make Uptown, MN Feel Like Home

Moving to Minneapolis, whether it’s for work or school, is an exciting opportunity, but it can also be daunting, especially if you’re moving alone. You may find your new apartment to be lonely or feel overwhelmed by the idea of going out and meeting new people. If you’ve moved into an Uptown, MN apartment and are looking to get more acclimated, we’re sharing five ways to smooth your adjustment and make your new neighborhood feel like home.

Find Local Events

Uptown and the surrounding neighborhoods have frequent outdoor...

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Apartment for Spring

The transition from late winter into early spring means new growth and new beginnings, but it can also mean an increase in allergy symptoms. Dust and allergens may have built up in your apartment combining with rapid weather changes and plant growth outside can make this time of year a bit rough on your health. To help you feel your best, we’re sharing some tips on how you can clean and prepare your apartment this spring.

Kick Off Your Shoes

Think about where you walk in a day – city sidewalks, public restrooms, a quick shortcut t...

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