Renting in Uptown, MN Makes it Easy to Stay Active

You know how important it is to your health to stay active and take part in regular physical activity. If you struggle to work up any enthusiasm for driving to the gym and want more than your apartment’s fitness center, we’re sharing how renting an apartment in Uptown, MN makes it easy to stay active. 

Near the Chain of Lakes

No matter where your apartment in Uptown is located, you’re only a few blocks from two incredibly popular outdoor recreation spots that come with Chain of Lakes. The lakes are circled by walking paths and cycling paths, encouraging you to take a stroll or a run while enjoying the beauty of the scenery or and during the summer, you can swim, fish, and take part in other water and beach activities. If you have a dog, you’ll definitely want to take it to the dog park at Lake of the Isles. Even if the lakes are frozen in the winter, you can still keep moving – just bring your ice skates. 

Enjoy a Walkable Neighborhood

Whether you’re headed to brunch on Sunday afternoon or you want to get a drink after work, living in Uptown makes it easy to get your steps in. Not only are there plenty of local activities and places to go all within the neighborhood, but Uptown’s layout and sidewalks are convenient to pedestrian activities. Beyond that, you’ll want to walk everywhere – this is an artistic, vibrant community filled with history, so you’ll have the opportunity to take in interesting scenery, architecture from different eras, revel in scents from the diverse restaurants, and be immersed in the area in a way that you won’t experience in your car. 

The Midtown Greenway

The Midtown Greenway is a 5.5-mile bicycle and walking path that runs west to east, connecting with the paths around Lake of the Isles and the Southwest LRT Trail to the west and to the trails around the Mississippi to the East. It used to be a former railroad corridor and the land is still owned by the Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority, but the Midtown Greenway Coalition successfully advocated for the path’s creation. 

 The Greenway runs directly through Uptown, just a few blocks north of Lake Street and is well-maintained – plowed in the winter, well-lit at night, and open 24 hours a day. While thousands of walkers, joggers, and cyclists use it each day for exercise and recreation, it’s also a viable way to get to work, school, or get to the grocery store. In fact, many people find it quicker and more convenient than driving where they need to go.  

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When you want to work out and stay fit, it’s all nearby when you’re living in Uptown. In addition to the options we listed, you’ll also find all types of yoga studios, pilates, indoor cycling, and gyms within the neighborhood. If you’re looking for your next apartment, we have several historic apartment buildings in the Uptown area. To learn more or schedule a tour, reach out to us today at 952-927-4144 or fill out the form below to get started.

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