Learn What’s Coming to Uptown, MN with the Planned Redevelopment of Seven Points

If you are thinking about relocating to Uptown, Minneapolis there’s truly no better time than now! Seven Points, formally known as Calhoun Square, is on the cusp of experiencing a renaissance with the recent approval of redevelopment projects. From new storefronts, office spaces, dining opportunities, and cultural experiences, Seven Points is about to experience a boom of excitement the area hasn’t seen in decades. 

What Does Uptown, MN Have to Offer?

We imagine that no matter where in the world you look, residents of any particular town or city say that their hometown is unique in some way. While it may be true that every place offers something special, when it comes to Uptown’s $150 million dollar redevelopment plan for Seven Points, we get the opportunity to watch in real-time as this community embraces change. 

Uptown as it exists now already offers an eclectic arrangement of entertainment, dining, shopping, and nightlife options with the added bonus of beautiful, historical architecture apartments, and outdoor recreation spots. Uptown makes for the perfect blend of storefront-lined streets, bustling city life, and serene natural beauty. 

What’s Happening with the Planned Redevelopment of Seven Points? 

With the planned redevelopment of Uptown’s Seven Points shopping center, we are about to witness an increase in local businesses and recreation opportunities, solidifying the Seven Points area of Uptown to be the diverse, exciting city residents know and love. 

Located in the heart of Uptown at the corner of Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street, Seven Points makes up 175,000 sq. ft. of mixed-use space. Whether you are new to Uptown entirely, have visited in the past, or lived here your whole life, the changes for the planned redevelopment of Seven Points are likely to thrill and impress. 

Here are some of the notable plans that have recently been confirmed for the redevelopment of Seven Points: 

  • A seven-story redesign of the building.
  • New points of entry. 
  • Lots of added parking spaces.
  • A huge, new grocery store on the ground level. 
  • Improved landscaping and outdoor seating.
  • A six ft. wide extended sidewalk.
  • An outdoor pet run. 
  • A vibrant mural and celebration of additional artwork. 
  • Outdoor dining opportunities. 

Improvements to the Seven Points Building 

The city is putting the multi-million dollar budget that was approved for the planned redevelopment of Seven Points to good use by improving the structural elements and floor plan design of the existing building. 

Hennepin Avenue will receive a new mid-block entry point to the center, opening to a large staircase that will connect the first and second floors. The entire existing building will receive updates to finishes, ensuring that the space is modern and fresh, representing the vibrancy of the diverse, spirited neighborhood. 

What is now a three-story building will be transformed into a sweeping seven-story structure of office space, restaurants, retailers, and much-needed and oft-requested indoor parking space. 

Seven Points Shopping Center is Getting a New Market

Perhaps one of the most talked about points of the planned redevelopment of Uptown’s North Point is the inclusion of a new 55,000 sq. ft. grocery store to support the daily needs of the local community. The new neighborhood market will be located at the ground level off Hennepin Avenue. 

Northpond Partners– the firm spearheading the new development efforts, has paired with local restaurateur Ann Kim. Kim is best known to Uptown for her restaurant Sookie + Mimi and is a James Beard Award recipient, having been named 2019’s Best Chef: Midwest. Along with Northpond, Kim will contribute her expertise to assist in the creation of the new market and the accompanying restaurant space that will be attached. 

The Exterior of Seven Points will Add Character and Charm to Uptown

The planned redevelopment of Uptown’s Seven Points extends to the exterior of the space, with improvements being made to the streetscapes along Hennepin Avenue and West 31st Street. These plans include a painted mural that will wrap around one side of the building and additional space for added art exhibitions. 

From increased visibility thanks to new lighting to the addition of greenery and a new garden, residents will enjoy the entertainment, dining, and recreation the new space has to offer. Rumors of an outdoor pet run will delight pet owners, and everyone in the neighborhood will benefit from the extension of the width of pedestrian walkways to 6 ft. across. 

Relocated to Uptown Easy with the Help of Stutsman Realty

There is no doubt that this is an exciting time to relocate to Uptown, MN with the construction of the planned redevelopment of the Seven Points area around the corner. We want to make your transition to living in Uptown an exciting experience, and we want you to fall in love with Uptown’s diverse and dynamic community. If you’re looking for a new apartment for rent in Uptown, MN, we can help! We have several historic apartment buildings in Uptown, just a few blocks from the Seven Points area, Bde Maka Ska, and Lake of the Isles. Please call us today to find out about our available units at 952-927-4144 or fill out the contact form below to get started.

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