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Neighborhood Information on Kenwood and Lowry Hill in Minneapolis, MN

Kenwood and Lowry Hill are residential neighborhoods located within the Calhoun-Isles community in Minneapolis.

Kenwood shares its boundaries with Kenwood Parkway to the north, West Lake of the Isles Parkway to the east, Kenilworth Place to the south and Cedar Lake Parkway to the west.

Meanwhile, the nearby Lowry Hill is bounded by Interstate 394 to the north, Hennepin Avenue to the southeast, West 22nd Street to the south, Interstate 94 to the west and Lake of the Isles Parkway to the northwest.

Minneapolis, MN Homes for Sale in Kenwood and Lowry Hill

The two neighborhoods of Kenwood and Lowry Hill are sought-after communities, which can affect home prices. While, home values in Kenwood are nearly three times the city’s average, residents can enjoy close proximity to the nearby lakes, which offers stunning views as well as endless recreational amenities, including:

  • Publicly accessible lakes
  • Walking trails
  • Nearby children’s playground
  • Kenwood Park
  • Tennis courts
  • Bike path

Kenwood Neighborhood Features

The homes in Kenwood represent a variety of architectural styles, including Victorian, Mediterranean, Colonial, Tudor Regency and Craftsman homes. Many of the houses were built before and through the 1940s, which means they often have historic detailing including ornate mill-work and leaded glass accents. However, residents have often included modern renovations including garages and modern kitchens.

Lowry Hill Community Offers History & Beauty

The nearby Lowry Hill neighborhood exhibits just as much of a commitment to excellence as Kenwood. Similar to Kenwood, the neighborhood features beautiful, mature trees and a variety of historic, attractive architecture. More homes here were built before 1900 and reflect that in architecture, as Victorian styles are common, but there are also Colonials, Tudors, and Prairie-style homes, too.

Nearby recreational amenities to Lowry Hill include Thomas Lowry Park and the Minneapolis Sculpture Park.

School Options In The Communities Of Lowry Hill & Kenwood

Just like other neighborhoods in the city, Kenwood and Lowry Hill are served by the Minneapolis public school district. In addition, The Blake School is a private school located within Lowry Hill as is the Dunwoody College of Technology.

Other private schools in the vicinity of Kenwood and Lowry Hill include:

  • Breck School
  • Groves Academy
  • Torah Academy of Minneapolis
  • DeLaSalle High School
  • Minneahaha Academy
  • St. Paul Academy
  • Benilde-St. Margaret’s School

Selling Minneapolis Real Estate in Kenwood and Lowry Hill

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