Living in Uptown Minneapolis

Due to its large number of attractive features, Uptown is a popular district located in the Southwest corner of downtown Minneapolis. Convenience and style meet seamlessly here, bringing residents a multitude of choices from entertainment, to restaurants, to nightlife, to opportunity, great schools, and everything in between. No matter what you’re hoping for in city living, Uptown MN has it and more.

This trendy, bustling area appeals to people of all walks of life, whether you’re:

  • A student or faculty at U of MN
  • Breaking into your career
  • Established in your career and looking to move into a more popular part of the area
  • A family looking for more community and a great choice of schools
  • Looking to relocate from a different area, near or far

The energetic neighborhoods in the uptown Minneapolis area offer an inclusive community with a variety of amenities at your fingertips. Everything you might need is right outside your doorstep, from grocery stores to restaurants, shopping and spas to gyms and parks, the heart of Minneapolis it where you’ll find it.

Uptown generally consists of 4 neighborhoods:

  • Lowry Hill East – aka, “The Wedge”
  • ECCO – East Calhoun Community Organization
  • CARAG – Calhoun Area Residents’ Action Group
  • East Isles – an exceptional neighborhood with a great location

Minneapolis residents will frequently comment on the distinctive culture that permeates Uptown.   This community is known as a center for artists, musicians and the like.

Uptown Real Estate for Sale – Current Listings

Plenty to Do and See in Uptown Minneapolis

If you’re interested in living at the center of it all, then there’s only one Minneapolis area community that can serve that desire: Uptown Minneapolis.   This thriving part of the city, which is located about a mile south of downtown Minneapolis, champions itself as being an eclectic, prosperous and entertaining community.   This area is historically defined by these boundaries: Lake Calhoun to the West, Dupont Avenue to the East, 31st Street to the south and 28th Street to the North.

Restaurants –  It doesn’t take much searching to find a great restaurant in uptown Minneapolis, especially with the number of options you have at your disposal. Are you a fan of ethnic food like Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, and Japanese? If you answered yes, you’re going to be thrilled with all of the possibilities for your new favorite dinner spot. Is American fare more your style? The area’s got that too. Are you a fan of brunch? Some of the country’s finest brunch spots can be found right down the street from your new home. No matter what type of food calls your name, you can bet you’ll be able to find it here.

Night Life –  Whether you’re looking for a simple date night, an evening out with the girls, a few drinks with the guys, or something to do on your night off, there definitely isn’t an absence of options for you. Uptown Minneapolis has nightclubs, rooftop bars, pubs, gourmet eateries, wine bars, coffee shops, and even a speakeasy or two. If low key is what you’re hoping for there are a variety of options to choose from, and if you’re looking for something with a little more energy a dance club or trendy bar might be more your speed.

Getting Around Uptown

Public Transportation – As if living at the center of it all wasn’t amazing enough, this community also offers its residents an excellent public transportation system to take them elsewhere in the city.  The Uptown Transit Station, which is on Hennepin Avenue, serves several Metro Transit buses.  The station also offers bike lockers and posts, a workers lounge and an office area.

Bicycle Friendly –  Due to its proximity to the Lake Harriet and Lake Calhoun, many residents choose a bicycle as a means of transportation for getting around. Uptown also has been known to host many nationally recognized bike races.

Uptown Art Show

When it comes to events in uptown MN one of the biggest and brightest is definitely the Uptown Art Show. As one of the areas biggest events, the Art Show boasts artists from all over the country as well as well-known local artists. This event is one of the neighborhood’s most successful and most attended, and it’s steadily grown every year since it began. The art fair has won over 140 International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA) Pinnacle Awards and is attended by over 400,000 people, making it the one of the biggest fairs in the state, second only to the Minnesota State Fair.

Some of the attractions included in the Uptown Art Fair include:

  • Family-centric interactive art activities
  • A culinary arts competition with professional chefs from all over
  • Professional works of art in 12 different media including sculpture, painting, ceramics, jewelry, and mixed media
  • Live music on the performance stage featuring artists in improv, pop, soul, swing dancing, reggae, folk, and indie music
  • A beer garden with a variety of Summit’s Classic Varieties of beer
  • Work from over 350 talented fine artists from around the world
  • A Youth Art Fair featuring artists between ages eight and eighteen
  • Food and beverages from 25 different food vendors

Education in Uptown

Although there are no schools in Uptown proper, there are a couple of high-performing schools in the vicinity, including:

  • Jefferson Community School
  • Whittier International Elementary School
  • Lyndale School
  • and more

Investing in Uptown Real Estate in Minneapolis

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